The reason you do sit-ups is as unique as you are. With over 250,000 units sold, we’ve heard it all from gaining confidence and relieving back pain, to even making your ex jealous.

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We understand your struggle, so we’ve developed the perfect sit-up system to help you escape the clutches of your couch and get you closer to your goal – whatever your motivation!


Sit-up Master Plan

Stage 1

Strengthen your core by using the Ab Amigo and Ab Mat together, focusing on muscle movement over momentum.

Stage 2

Tone your core by using the Ab Mat by itself, focusing on form over quantity


  • best sit up position 1
  • best sit-up position 2
  • best sit-up position 3

Stage 3 

Thicken your core by using the Ab Amigo and Ab Mat together, adding weight to increase resistance (We recommend a dumbbell) 

5 star rating ab amigo best sit-up fitness equipment


The Three Amigos

Holds your feet down like a real sit-up buddy –

Simply slide it under a door, dresser, nightstand and more. (up to a 3/4” gap)

Fills the gap created by the Arc of your back- 

Just lay on it. The Abmat gives you more range of motion and makes a proper curling motion possible. 

 It Covers your Abmat and your butt –

Compared to floor sit-ups it’s like sitting on a cheesecake.

Ironically Made In The U.S.A.

•  Your core’s job is to support your spine. (Think about it.)

•  Improved sports performance (balance, agility and posture)

•  Relieve and prevent back pain ( 20% of Americans Workout while 80% will suffer from back pain……Do the Math)

• Its literally the armor that protects every one of your vital organs (you need these to survive) 



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